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Burn, Baby, Burn!

Did you know that you can burn as much as 50 calories more per hour standing than sitting? This means that after four hours, you’ve burned an additional 200 calories. Add that up over the course of a year and you’ve just lost 20lbs ~ just by STANDING! Imagine the benefits if you were to…

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Know Your Alphabet: Fall’s Cancer Fighting Foods

Fall is absolutely my favorite time of year. I love the smell of burning leaves and adore sweatshirt/jean weather. Perhaps my favorite part of fall comes in some of the foods that are popular during this season! Many of my favorite fall foods are also very healthy and contain lots of…

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Prepare for the FEAST

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and many of us are planning our holiday meals with friends and family. If you are someone who is hoping to maintain, or perhaps lose, weight over the next few weeks, you are in for a challenge. One thing to keep in mind as you enter the marathon of…

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Vegetarians and Thanksgiving

My best friend is a vegetarian. She does not eat any meat but she does allow cheese/dairy products. We were making small talk the other day and I asked about her plans for Thanksgiving. She said, “I plan on going to my parent’s house so I can watch everyone else eat.” I asked her…

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The Role of Sugar in Colon Cancer & Survival

Many Americans know that they should reduce the amount of sugary foods/beverages that they consume. Specifically, they should limit intake of foods considered to be “simple carbohydrates” (sweets, processed foods, white bread). A recent study further bolsters that statement. This study…

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The SECRET to Successful Living

By now we know that there is no magic bullet, special pill or secret method to staying healthy and living a long, productive life. However, numerous studies continue to show that exercise (and increased daily activity) can play a significant role in preventing disease and chronic conditions…

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Healthy Habits for You and Your Family

There are just four ingredients to living a long, healthy life. Studies show that a person can prolong their life up to 14 years by adopting four lifestyle rules: No Smoking Eat your fruits and vegetables Moderate alcohol intake ENGAGE IN REGULAR EXERCISE! That’s it!…

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The Cost of Good Health

I have had numerous patients over the years defend their poor eating habits. I have heard many excuses ranging from: “I don’t have time to go grocery shopping for healthy foods” and “My kids won’t eat a lot of what you are recommending”. The most widely used excuse is:…

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Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween parties are fun. But, most kids feel that the real fun comes during trick-or-treating! Unfortunately, a bag full of Halloween candy may turn out to be “frightening” to your kids’ teeth and health. I suggest that parents try to help their children make healthy choices during…

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Change your attitude and lose weight

You’ve read the headlines: calories in vs. calories out, low-fat vs. healthy fat, high carb vs. low carb, vegetarian vs. paleo…how is someone supposed to navigate one’s health with so much conflicting information? Many of us have tried and succeeded or tried and failed at weight…

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