I recently purchased some 2lb. hand weights for use at home to help tone my muscles. Are there any particular exercises I can use these with and would it be very beneficial? Should have I gone with heavier weights?

If you have never done any strength training before beginning with lighter weights is very beneficial. Any time you overload a muscle with additional weight, you are increasing the strength of that muscle. So, eventually, your body will become accustomed to that exercise and you will need to increase or change something about the activity. At that time, you would need to increase your weight. When you can do a particular exercise 12-15 times (or repetitions) without much difficulty, it is time to increase the resistance (weight) of that exercise.

As for what type of exercise you can do with the weights, I recommend talking to a certified fitness professional to make sure that you are doing all your exercises correctly. To find one in your area, go to www.acsm.org and search for professionals in your area.

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