Amy, are there specific foods to boost your Hemoglobin levels post chemo treatments?

Hemoglobin is a chemical substance in red blood cells that capture oxygen by circulating throughout the lining of our lungs. The hemoglobin holds the oxygen and carries it throughout our body’s tissues. Low hemoglobin levels are common after chemotherapy. It is important to have adequate intake of essential nutrients during this time. Eating proper amounts of iron and vitamin B12 can help prevent weakness and fatigue.

There are two different types of digestible iron in foods. Heme iron (in addition to vitamin B12) is found in seafood, poultry and red meat and non heme iron is found in breakfast cereals, legumes, nuts, and eggs. Heme iron is the easiest iron for the body to absorb. Eating foods that are high in heme iron can help with absorption of non heme iron. In addition, eating foods high in vitamin C can help improve absorption of non heme iron. An example of this would be to drink a glass of orange juice with your whole grain breakfast cereal.

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