I just turned 60 years old and have never been very interested in exercise. However, I have been helping take care of my grandkids and notice that my stamina isn’t what it used to be. My daughter is urging me to begin an exercise routine because she says it will give me more energy. I am worried that I will injure myself and I have no idea where to begin. Aren’t I too old to begin exercising? What do you suggest?

First of all, you are never too old to begin an exercise program. Once your doctor has cleared you to become more physically active, you should make sure you begin slowly and increase gradually. If you aren’t accustomed to exercise, you should begin by exercising two days per week and increase that every couple of weeks until you reach about 5 days per week of activity. It is important that you begin with a program that interests you so that you will stick with it.

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