Why do we often feel depressed in the wintertime? Many times, it is more than the cold and the snow that gets to us—it is the lack of sunshine. Some people suffer from what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. SAD is a mood disorder with which sufferers feel depressed or lethargic with changes in daylight. SAD can be a serious condition, but it affects many other people on a more minor level, and may be linked with what many of us experience as the “winter blues.” So how do you overcome the winter blues? Check out the tips below to help feel your best this winter.

  • Try to get outside for part of the day, and relish in whatever sunshine is available
  • Sit close to windows, and keep rooms well lit with bright light
  • Take a vacation to a sunny destination
  • Exercise regularly to keep your body energized and in shape
  • Find an outdoor activity that you can enjoy in the winter, such as walking or cross-country skiing
  • Be sure to eat a balanced diet; proper nutrition is important any time of year
  • Try to eliminate caffeine and refined sugars from your diet
  • Find ways to relax and manage stress
  • If you have serious feelings of depression, talk to your doctor about ways to cope and possible medications
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