I was recently told that my BMI was 27. What does this mean and is it good? What is more important in determining your health, BMI, body composition or waist measurement?

Your BMI or Body Mass Index is the measurement that takes in to account both a person’s height and weight. BMI equals a person’s weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared. (BMI=kg/m2). Your body composition is the percentage of body fat. With this, you can determine the amount of lean muscle tissue vs. fat tissue. They all are predictors of health. The risk of associated disease according to BMI and Waist Size is this: A normal BMI should be 18.5 to 24.9, so at 27, you are a little high. However, if you have a lot of lean muscle tissue this can throw this measurement off because muscle weighs more than fat. Waist measurements for men should be equal to or less than 40 inches and for women equal to or less than 35 inches. An ideal body composition for men is 15-18% (over 25% being at risk) and for women 22-25% (over 32% being at risk).

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