I have heard that the dietary supplement CLA can help people lose weight. Is this true?

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a dietary supplement used for weight loss purposes. It has been suggested that CLA may help people lose weight and build lean body mass. According to the October 2007 issue of Tufts University Health Letter, a meta analysis of 15 studies involving CLA found people taking CLA lost approximately 0.2 pounds of fat mass a week more than subjects taking a placebo. This adds up to nearly one pound a month, which was considered a “modest loss” by the reviewers.

Other studies concluded that CLA might cause serious side effects such as increased levels of leptin, lipid, and C-reactive protein. These may increase your risk of heart disease. In addition, CLA may also increase risk of type 2 diabetes by boosting insulin resistance.

Safe weight loss can be effectively achieved through increasing physical activity and decreasing caloric intake. It may be helpful to set up an appointment with a registered dietitian. She can work with you to create delicious and healthy meal plans and give you tangible goals that will aid you in losing weight.

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