Hi Amy, I just learned that I am borderline Diabetic. Can I make Old Orchard juices part of my daily routine, without adding extra sugars?

You certainly can! I find that many people consume hundreds of additional calories and grams of sugar just by their beverage intake during the day. Healthy Balance Juices are nutritious low-sugar beverages that taste great and are good for you. They are low in calories and are sweetened with Splenda no calorie sweetener. That way you can still reach your fluid intake needs but not at the expense of additional calories/sugar. I also like that they are fortified with approximately 130% of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that is important in disease prevention.

Just as an example: if you are consuming even 2 regular sodas a day, by replacing these with Healthy Balance Juices, you will save approximately 60+ grams of sugar and approximately 250 calories. By doing this daily, this can help you get blood sugar levels under control and can help with healthy weight loss if needed.

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