My friend recently started eating organic foods only and she claims the diet is helping her lose weight. I thought organic food simply referred to how it is grown. So, is it true? Can organic food really help you to lose weight?

While choosing organically grown food is a healthy choice in terms of reducing exposure to chemicals used in farming, it alone is unlikely to shift unwanted pounds. The term ‘organic’ refers only to the farming methods used to produce a food and has nothing to do with its calorie, fat, salt or sugar content. Organic chocolate and cakes contain just as many calories as their non-organic counterparts, so the same amount of moderation must be exercised when consuming them.

However, if your friend is eating more organic foods, it’s likely she is also thinking about improving the quality of her overall diet. As a result, she may be eating less processed, fatty and sugary foods and more fresh foods, perhaps explaining her weight loss.

The key to losing weight is to take in fewer calories than your body needs with the result that it has to use its fat reserves to meet energy requirements. This means if you want to eat organically and lose weight, you still need to stick to a reasonable daily calorie intake.

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