I am 48 years old and am pretty active. I weigh 114 lbs and am in pretty good shape except for a small pot belly stomach and what I think is a little extra fat around my hips. I go to curves approx 3 to 4 times a week. Do you have suggestions for getting rid of the extra fat? Thank you!

You should pat yourself on the back for being active and for taking part in an exercise program several times a week! Exercise is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular health and help with disease prevention. It can be frustrating to some people that after months of exercise, they still have some excess weight in various areas of their body. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that any specific targeted exercise can remove that specific weight because fat loss is dependent on many things including sex, hormones, genetics, and age. It is known that weight gain can occur for most women in the years leading up to menopause. This can be caused by a reduction in exercise, an increase in calorie intake, and a shift in body composition. As we age, some of our muscle mass is converted to fat; fat burns fewer
calories than muscle mass does. I would advise you to follow a diet that is low in saturated fat, trans fats, and concentrated sweets, and high in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. Also, it may help for you to break up meals into several small ones and spread them all through the day. This can help control hunger and may help you to prevent taking in more calories than you are burning off. It is suggested that you take in about 200 fewer calories per day when you get into your mid to late 40’s. You also may wish to see a registered dietitian. She can figure out how many calories you are taking in and can provide you with nutrient goals that can help you find the results that you are hoping for.

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