Yes, I exercise all the time, I'm not losing weight ... in fact I feel like I gain weight ... also my body b.o. smells like onions; sometimes I break out with acne all over; I am just so tired all the time--I force myself to workout most of the time. What is wrong with me? Please help me !!!!!

Your concerns about exercising too much, being tired all the time and having to force yourself to workout leads me to believe that you need someone to examine your overall exercise and nutrition program. An established exercise program will typically increase your energy level, not decrease it. Not knowing your exact exercise and nutritional program, I would advise you to meet with a certified fitness professional (who has credentials from a nationally recognized
organization such as: The American College of Sports Medicine) that can review a normal week of exercise, sleep habits and food intake. This will help determine what changes you need to make to create a more balanced program.

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