I am almost to my goal weight, which has taken me almost 7 years to reach, but I have almost 200 pounds to lose. My question is since I spend so much time in the gym, I am getting bored with it,and my weight is not going anywhere it is just staying on my thighs and hips. Can you please help me out, thank you for your time.

Congratulations on sticking with your program for seven years! As you know, losing weight doesn’t happen over night. But with continued hard work, it will happen. It is common for people to become bored with their routine especially after seven years. It is important that you maintain variety in your workout for many reasons. First of all, you want to reduce the chance of injury from doing the same exercise all the time. Secondly, you want to challenge your body each and every time you exercise. After about four to six weeks of doing the same routine, your body becomes accustomed to the activity and therefore becomes more efficient and burns fewer calories. In order to continue to challenge yourself, you need to vary the activity and that can mean a variety of things. There are four things to consider and it is easy to remember: The FITT principle is this – you need to change one or more of the following:
F – FREQUENCY of exercise. This means that you would move from 3 times per week to 4 times per week.
I – INTENSITY of exercise. This means that if you are running at 5 mph, you should increase it to 5.5 or 6mph.
T – TIME. THis means the length of time you exercise. So if you are committed to 30 minutes in the gym, you could increase to 45 minutes.
T – TYPE of exercise. This means that if you are used to doing only cardio, you should add strength training. Or, if you always ride the bike, you should switch to the elliptical, treadmill or consider taking a group exercise class.

It is important to remember also that you cannot spot reduce. The weight will come off with your continued perseverence and determination. You should consider meeting with a certified fitness professional to discuss your current exercise program and nutritional habits. No weight loss program is complete without considering exercise and nutrition. Good luck!

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