I heard recently that being lean as opposed to being obese has a greater protective effect against cancer. Since you are in a cancer related profession I wondered if you had heard this also and if you could tell me why weight would be related to cancer.

A recent study published by Cancer Research (Jan 1 2007) addresses your
question. In this study, two groups of mice were fed the exact same
amount of calories. One group’s cages were kept at colder temperatures
causing those mice to burn more calories and to be leaner and at a lower
weight. It was found that the leaner mice were less likely to develop
prostate cancer. Researchers hypothesized that fat cells may emit a few
chemical signals that may promote cancer. People that are overweight
have an increased risk for many cancers including breast, uterine,
kidney, esophageal and colon cancer.

The National Cancer Institute recommends that people maintain a healthy
weight, increase their physical activity levels, and eat a diet rich in
fruits and vegetables to help prevent cancer.

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