Why is it important to drink water and how much should I be drinking?

Water is an essential element to life. It makes up more than 60% of our body mass. Water is a component in our muscles, blood, bones, and fat cells and each cell in our body needs it to function properly. Several functions of water in our body include: helps to regulate body temperature, flushes out waste products, moistens tissues in skin, mouth, eyes and nose, and it contributes in the transport of oxygen to cells. The average adult loses approximately 10 cups of water daily due to urination, perspiration, and respiration.

Current recommendations for consumption of water are 8, eight ounce glasses per day. This is for healthy people in a fair temperature environment. If you live in a humid atmosphere or are engaging in strenuous work or physical activity, you will need to drink more water more often. If you are concerned that you are getting enough water check your urine. In the morning it is likely that your urine will be concentrated because of accumulation while you sleep. For the majority of the day urine should be mostly colorless and odorless.

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