I was wondering??? If I only take bites of foods here and there how do I count calories?? I have a crazy friend that says if you only eat bites then it doesn't count towards calories; is this true or is she WRONG? -Jimbo

I would suggest you remember the old adage “every bite counts”. It is more difficult to get an accurate calorie reading if you are only taking “bites”. You can certainly get a general idea if you are looking at the total calories that a product has and then estimating how big of a bite you took. I would then begin a calorie count journal and food record to try to get an estimate of total caloric intake.

I would remind your friend that every bit of food you put into your mouth and swallow will count towards your total calorie intake for the day. Some people do get into the mindset that “if I only take a little bit it does not count”, however, little bits of various foods can certainly add up to a significant amount of calories for the day. If your friend consumes, say, 1500 calories from “set” meals, and then takes a piece off of a doughnut in the morning (100 calories), a third of a chocolate chip cookie at lunch (40 calories), a handful of M&M’s in the afternoon (150 calories), a few chocolate covered pretzels before dinner (50 calories), a big bite of tiramisu after dinner (200 calories) and a handful of potato chips before bed (50 calories) that adds up to almost 600 additional calories putting her total caloric intake for the day at 2100. If she consistently took in that many calories she would likely gain in excess of a pound a week!

I advise people to be in the moment when deciding what they are hungry for. If it is truly chocolate covered pretzels that you are craving, take a few and put them on a plate, sit down and focus on the flavor and enjoy them. Then make sure you are including this as a snack for the day and add the calories consumed. It is very easy to mindlessly “nibble” your way around the kitchen, but with each bite comes calories and the excess calories can lead to excess weight.

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