Is honey a good replacement for sugar? If so how much honey can be used safely while watching blood sugar?

Honey and table sugar are essentially similar in overall impact on blood sugar. Sugar (1 Tbsp.) contains approximately 46 calories and one tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories. While honey does have more calories, it can be sweeter than regular sugar. Because of this you may need to use less of it for desired sweetness, cutting overall calorie content/reducing impact on blood sugar. The process of making sugar does remove some vitamins, enzymes and organic acids, and because of this it is suggested that honey would be a “better” choice because it does contain slightly higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, etc. However, my suggestion would be to treat them equally in efforts to control blood sugar. They are both considered “simple” carbohydrates, and will have immediate impact on blood sugar. If used in moderation, they can be added safely to the diet. In regards to determining how much honey can be used, I would first recommend figuring out your total carbohydrate needs for the day (a registered dietitian can help). This will help you figure how much honey can fit into your overall diet plan. As with any simple carbohydrates, use them in moderation.

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