My husband and I are very fit individuals, yet our 10 year-old son is very overweight and seemingly uninterested in physical activity. We have tried everything and he just doesn’t seem to want to be active and lose weight. We are very concerned about his health, how do we get him interested in activity?

First you have to understand that being 12 years old in this overly fast-paced society is very challenging. The important thing is to be supportive of what you child’s interests are and recognize that they may not be the same as your own. Being physically active may come very easily for you and your husband, but your son may not share your enthusiasm for fitness. The very best thing you can do is lead by example, with healthy eating habits and healthy exercise habits. Find something that your son enjoys doing that is non-competitive and that you all can do as a family. It is important not to place the emphasis on the fact that only he needs to lose weight and be healthy. It is a family affair!

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