I work 3rd shift and it's very difficult to eat and exercise like I should. Any suggestions?

Working third shift may make eating healthfully somewhat difficult. Business cafeterias are generally closed during third shift hours and employees are forced to select food from a vending machine. Many vending machines have foods that are processed and high in fat, sugar, and empty calories. Pre-planning is essential to helping you eat better at work. Pack your meals ahead of time so you can be prepared. I would suggest packing a variety of healthy foods. For example, fresh and dried fruit make a terrific high fiber snack. Individual packets of oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, pre-cut veggies, almonds and fiber bars are also good choices. Also make sure you are packing water or low sugar juice so you won’t be forced to select a vending machine “regular” soda. If you forget to pack foods ahead of time (and a vending machine is your only choice), baked chips, dried fruit, pretzels, protein bars or nuts may be healthier choices than cupcakes, candy bars, cookies, or doughnuts.

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