My son and I have low blood sugar, but I have high blood pressure. What is the best thing to take when I feel tired?

Low blood sugar can be caused by a number of reasons. You may wish to check with your doctor to determine why you and your son are experiencing low blood sugar. It is important to plan your diet to hopefully prevent blood sugar levels from getting too low. First I would encourage you to try to eat small frequent meals and not skip meals. Going too long between mealtimes can cause low blood sugar. When you do eat, try to have a small meal or snack containing a balance of foods. Include carbohydrates (whole grain bread, cereal, rice, pasta, fruit, milk, yogurt), protein (lean meats, egg whites, beans), and healthy fats (olive oil, canola oil, nuts). Limiting simple sugars like cookies, candy bars, brownies, etc. can also help you manage blood sugar levels. Make sure that you are planning ahead; having healthy snacks with you when you are “on the go” can help prevent low blood sugar.

In regards to your high blood pressure, it is important that you are monitoring/limiting your salt/sodium intake. I would advise you to reduce usage of salt in your cooking and remove the saltshaker from the table. Try to choose less processed foods like potato chips, crackers, pretzels, and fast foods. Select more natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereal, pasta and bagels, lean meats (chicken, fish), and low fat dairy products. Being at a healthy weight and getting some physical activity (with your doctor’s consent) can also help reduce risk for high blood pressure.

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