When I first started strength training at my gym, I felt sore for a couple of days after my workout. Now, a few weeks later, I don’t feel sore the next day, but I am still working my muscles to fatigue. Do you need to feel sore the next day to gain the benefits of strength training?

Soreness comes from a change to your normal routine. Think of gardening in the spring or shoveling snow in the winter. So, even if you are in great shape and you do something new, you will become sore afterwards. Once your body becomes used to the activity, the soreness subsides and you can continue the activity without much discomfort. So even though you are not feeling soreness, if you are working your muscles to fatigue during your workouts, you are gaining all the benefits of strength training. This is, however, the reason that we recommend changing your routine as often as every four weeks, so that you continue to challenge your body.

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