Hi! I'm 50 years old and walk at least one hour each day with my 73-year old mother. I'm glad my mom walks with me, but we have to go slower than I desire. Do you have any recommendations on what I can do to make it more of a workout for me, while staying with her? Right now, I carry hand weights & do some arm exercises, but need more suggestions. Thanks!

Carrying hand weights can be a way to increase the resistance to your workout, however, if you do not increase the weight, your body will become accustomed to the extra weight and then it will no longer challenge you.

I recommend that you invest in a “weighted vest” and wear this while you walk with your mom. Over time, you can increase the amount of weight you carry without increasing the stress to your arms by “carrying” the hand weights.

For your legs, you can also incorporate walking lunges in to your walk. To do this, step forward with your right leg and drop your left knee down toward the ground (but do not touch it to the ground), now push through the heel of your right foot and swing your left foot forward dropping your right knee toward the ground. Repeat in 10 repetition intervals. Begin by incorporating two sets of these in your workout and increase from there.

A great way to increase your heart rate while walking is to “march” along with your mom. You can do this by swinging your arms and lifting your knees high in the air as you walk along side your mother.

Good luck and enjoy the time spent with your mother.

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