I have lost about 40lbs, but my stomach is not flattening; I do 2 days of strenght training for about 1hr and it includes 15 minutes of abs. What can I do to get better results or what can I take out of my diet that may be the cause. I am still about 235lbs.

The fact that you have lost 40 pounds so far is great! Keep up the good work. As your weight decreases because of decreased calorie intake and increased physical activity, I suspect you will begin to see a total body change; this includes weight loss in various “problem areas” for women (stomach, buttocks, thighs etc).

I rarely tell people to avoid eating certain things (unless they are allergic or do not tolerate certain foods). So, there is not one specific food that will help you lose abdominal fat. However, I do encourage you to limit the amount of simple sugars that you may be eating (soda, sweets, candy etc) and make healthy, reduced calorie substitutions. For example, reduce soda intake and increase intake of water or reduced calorie juice. Try adding fiber to your diet, which can help you feel fuller longer and prevent you from overeating. Reduce intake of red meat and substitute lean cuts of poultry, fish, or vegetarian dishes. Finally, increase intake of fruits and vegetables. These are relatively low in calories but contain many nutrients that are beneficial to total body health.

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