I've started going to a gym, and wondered what my target heart rate should be. I tried the calculator y'all provide, but it says 85 - 120 beats per minute. I've had some heart trouble and weigh 270# and I can get that just walking in (my resting heart rate is around 85). By the way, my doctor says my heart is in good enough shape to work out. Thanks.

The typical heart rate calculator will tell you to take 220-age(50 yr old)=170 (multiply by 60-80%) = 102 to 136 beats per minute. You can also calculate by including your resting heart
rate in the equation. 220-age(50)-Resting Heart Rate(85)= 85 (mulitiply by 60%)=51 + RHR (85) = 136 In either case, it is still a guideline. I recommend that when people are starting out they use the RPE scale. This is the Rate of Perceived Exertion scale. It is a scale of 1 – 10. One is how you feel when you are resting, relaxed on the couch. Ten is the most difficult thing you’ve ever done (childbirth comes to mind here – sorry guys!). You want to be about a 5-6 starting out, then work your way up to a 7-8 after a few weeks. You should be able to have a conversation with someone while exercising, this allows you to continue to breathe.. vs. being completely out of breath and unable to continue your exercise program.

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