We always hear so much about cutting carbs out of our diet. Can you tell me the difference between carbs and "net carbs"?

Many fans of the low carbohydrate diets have been purchasing vast amounts of the “low carb” foods. Manufacturers of these types of foods have begun using buzzwords like “net carbs” in hopes to give their products shelf appeal.
For your information, a “net carb” is not an approved term by the Federal Drug Administration. Technically it is the total number of carbohydrates minus fiber, glycerin and sugar alcohols. According to manufacturers, these additives will not raise blood sugar as much as other carbohydrates would and should not be counted in the total number of carbohydrates. However, these additives can raise blood sugar to some extent and they do contribute to the total number of calories.

If you are monitoring your carbohydrate intake, I would focus on increasing complex carbohydrates by eating whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. In addition, be aware of portion sizes. It is possible to reduce total number of carbohydrates per meal if you are following recommended serving sizes.

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