For healthy balance, where one can one acquire pure chocolate, I mean, the real stuff? How to get the pure cacao?

”The cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) is a native of South America. Its fruit is a large pod which can contain many imbedded seeds. The pod is fermented, then the seeds are removed, cured and roasted. The end results are called nibs. Cacao has a high fat, carbohydrate and protein content. Besides chocolate, cacao is used in the preparation of cosmetics and medicines.” (as defined by When a label reads “% of cacao” this means the total cacao content in the chocolate, which is everything derived from the cocoa bean (cocoa powder, cocoa liquor, cocoa butter). The higher the percentage of cacao, the more sweet or intense the chocolate will taste. The preference for a higher percent cacao varies from person to person. In response to your question about pure chocolate, I am assuming you mean a high quality chocolate. Several factors come into play when choosing a high quality chocolate. These include: quality of cocoa beans, the roasting, grinding, blending processes, quality of the ingredients and experience in chocolate making. In looking for high quality chocolate, I would carefully read the label and the company’s description of their chocolate making processes.

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