When I was looking at the nutritional value of whole wheat vs. white pasta the only difference I can see is the dietary fiber content. Is that the only difference? I always hear that whole wheat is better, but are their other advantages besides fiber?

There are a few differences between whole wheat vs. white pasta/bread. One difference is the way they are processed. Whole wheat pasta contains three important parts of the grain: the bran (outer layer), the germ (innermost area), and the endosperm (starchy area in between). The white pasta is processed and loses the bran/germ and only uses the starchy endosperm area. Another difference is the nutritional content of the pasta. Whole wheat pasta not only has a higher fiber content, but also contains several important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B6, vitamin E, zinc, and folic acid. Keep in mind that a high fiber diet can help you to feel fuller longer. A feeling of fullness can help prevent you from overeating, which may lead to obesity. Finally, fiber can help regulate bowel movements/promote regularity and can help with blood glucose control.

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