While many in the fitness industry already know this fact, the general population may not. In a world of low fat, low carb, high protein, high fiber diets, there is one thing that is continually missing from the ‘weight loss’ equation. Regardless of the type of diet you choose to follow for your personal fat loss plan, if you do not increase your lean muscle tissue (by way of strength training) you will not only regain your lost weight, you will likely find more along the way! One of the reasons for this is that your overall weight loss will not only include lost fat, but it will also include lost lean muscle tissue as well. In fact, the New England Journal of Medicine reported in 1998 that “a slowed basal metabolic rate (BMR) predicted the chance of fat regain, and the evidence was so strong that there was a 4 times greater risk of gaining 15 or more pounds over the next 24 months in those with the lowest BMR.” By definition, basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy expended on a daily basis by humans and other animals at rest. BMR is usually by far the largest component of total caloric expenditure each day. So, if you were thinking that you were going to splurge tonight at dinner and then go to your spinning class tomorrow morning to ‘work it off’ think again! The amount of calories you will consume at dinner will never be burned off in a spin class no matter how hard you work. A better choice is to have a healthy dinner filled with vegetables and lean proteins, get lots of sleep and hit the weight room in the morning! Weight training increases lean muscle tissue, which in turn increases one’s BMR. Therefore, the more time you spend in the weight room, the better your chances are of not only losing body fat, but keeping it off for good!

What are you waiting for? Get started on your strength training program today!

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