My doctor thinks that I have a gastric ulcer. He said that I may be making it worse with some of the foods that I have been eating. Can you recommend a diet that may help?

Ulcers in the GI region can be very painful. They usually are accompanied by discomfort and a burning sensation, generally after eating. Certain foods can cause increased abdominal irritation. The following foods should be limited or eliminated if you have been diagnosed with an ulcer: black, red, or hot pepper, citrus fruits/juices, alcohol, regular and decaffeinated coffee, cola, cocoa, peppermint, tomato products, and deep fried foods. Choose foods and beverages that are easier on your system (oatmeal, mild juice, bread, mashed potatoes, broiled chicken, canned peaches and pears, pudding etc).

Other dietary changes can certainly help reduce symptoms associated with ulcers. Try to make mealtimes as relaxed as possible and try to avoid eating too quickly. Make your last meal at least 2 hours before you go to bed and be sure to chew your food thoroughly. If you smoke, be sure to reduce this habit and strive to quit when possible. It can be helpful also to keep a food journal. This may help you to pinpoint which food/foods cause you the most trouble so you can reduce their intake.

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