We know that change is scary, but change is also incredibly energizing and uplifting when in the right frame of mind. Whether you are talking about a change in career, change in your personal life, or specifically, a change in your routine!

Many people get stuck in a rut with their daily routine of eating, exercising and daily living. It is hard to change what we are used to eating every morning, it is hard to change our sleep habits and it is hard to change (or start) a fitness routine. We know that it is good for us to get 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, eat a healthy balanced breakfast in the morning, get 10,000 steps in each day and not go more than 3-4 hours without refueling on healthy meals and snacks. So, if we all KNOW that this is good for us, why don’t we all DO IT?

Behavior change is very difficult; not impossible, but difficult. For one thing, every body and every brain is different. People find pleasure and reward in very different things. I, for instance, like to go for a run to clear my head and process information. My friend, however, would rather get lost in a great novel in order to escape from the worries of the world. You might find great comfort in curling up on the couch with a bowl of ice cream. We all process things differently and find ways to deal with stress differently.

I am not suggesting you change those behaviors entirely since they are an integral part of WHO you are, but there are ways to enhance your strengths and allow you to improve your overall health and well-being.

Take a look at your lifestyle behaviors for a moment and consider what it would look like if you made just one change to enhance your health? What would you do? Would you go to bed earlier so you can get the sleep you need to function well throughout the day? Would you make plans to go for a walk at lunch with a coworker instead of eating at your desk? Would you take the kids to the park and get some exercise instead of going to get ice cream?

Consider making one change to enhance your overall health and well-being and see how good it feels to take control of your life and move closer to the healthy person inside you!

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