Frozen Can Centerpiece:

Decorate your table with this quick and easy centerpiece! Using an empty plastic Old Orchard frozen container, simply add a touch of warm fall colors to your table decorations.

What you will need:

– Empty frozen concentrate can
– Scrapbook paper
– Tape
– Ribbon/string/lace/buttons (anything to add a little something)
– Flowers (real or fake)

Step 1. Measure scrapbook paper to fit container.

Step 2. Wrap and tape.

Step 4. Measure ribbon and/or lace to fit container.

You can use whatever you have around the house, string, twine, whatever goes with your theme.

Step 5. Glue on ribbin/lace.

You can also add on any jewels or buttons for accents.

Step 6. Fill with flowers!

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