For the majority of family households, school is back in session. Whether you are currently a student, or you have students in your house, the routines of the fall are back in full swing. The alarms are set, the lunches are packed and the homework is done! With the busyness of the season, how do you fit ‘health and fitness’ in to your daily routine? Unless your kids are in organized sports after school, they are probably sedentary throughout most of their day. Likewise, unless YOU schedule physical activity in your day, YOU are likely sedentary throughout most of YOUR day! How can we, as caregivers, help our kids, and ourselves, become more active during the school year? The best way to get anything accomplished is to SCHEDULE IT! When you schedule activities in your day, they usually get done. When you realize that being physically active is an important part of your day, you will make the time to get it done.

Here are some things to help you along the way:
• If you have little ones, make sure that you take them outside to play and run around. If you can’t do it at your own house, take them to a park or playground. Spend 15-20 minutes playing tag, throwing a football around or playing on the jungle gym. The fresh autumn air will invigorate you and the kids from a long day of being indoors.
• If you have tweeners (ages 9-12), this can be more challenging. They may want to go for bike rides, rollerblading or skateboard instead. Grab your bike, or your running shoes and join them!

One important part of being a caregiver, whether you are a parent, grandparent, babysitter or friend, is that you can lead by example. When you are encouraging physical activity, those around you will want to be part of the fun! Being physically active is contagious!

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