I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and have gone through chemotherapy. Currently I am taking a type of therapy that has caused weight gain. I want to stop the weight gain but I know that I need adequate protein intake. I have been drinking a glass of Boost every day for many months to get protein, but it is so high in calories (250 calories/8 oz. glass) that I wonder if you can suggest a different drink or protein supplement that would work as well as Boost. I have gained weight and would like to lose 5 or 10#, instead of continuing to gain.

I am a big fan of homemade smoothie drinks. I would recommend getting light yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit like (peaches, mixed berries, banana), low sugar fruit juice (like Healthy Balance juice), ice, and a standard protein powder (either non fat dry milk powder or protein powder from a health food store). You can whip up a very healthy, all natural sugar and low calorie drink in no time!! If you do not want to spend a lot of time assembling a smoothie, a brand that I like to recommend is the Chiquita™ Smoothie. It is all natural, which means there are no added sugars or preservatives. It comes in great flavors as well (peach mango, strawberry banana, mixed berry and banana colada). I like to recommend it for people on the go as all you add is ice and water! And the Chiquita smoothie is a perfect snack for kids as it provides 100% recommended daily allowance for vitamin C.

If you are interested in more of a commercial “nutrition supplement” I do know that Carnation Instant Breakfast has a low sugar drink supplement out there and I believe that Slim Fast brand has adequate protein and not so many calories.

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