You know that being physically active is good for your body and your brain, but you still haven’t made the commitment to stick to your exercise routine on a daily basis. Knowing what you need to do, and actually doing it, can be two very different things. The missing link here is that you likely haven’t found something that you truly enjoy ~ and that is FUN! Yes, being more physically active can be fun. You simply have to find an activity that you enjoy and a partner to be there along the way to hold you accountable.

Regardless of the activity you choose; biking, tennis, swimming, dancing, or simply walking around the block, making the decision to become more physically active is half the equation, sticking with the program is the challenging half of the equation. In order to be successful with any change in your life, it is essential to have a plan and hold yourself accountable for the success of that plan.

Here are some ways you can incorporate more FUN in to your fitness routine so that you are able to stick with it for good!

Engage your friends in your physical activity plans. Activity monitors (my favorite is a Fitbit) will help you gauge how much activity you are getting on a daily basis (aim for 10,000 steps each day). Get your friends involve and challenge each other to compete for steps or activity points.

Check out your community education programs and enroll in a Zumba class or small group strength training class so that you have a time and place to meet each week. You might even make new friends!

Challenge yourself each day to do something moderately active for at least 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes of fast walking, climbing the stairs or skipping rope can increase your energy and speed up your metabolism.

Take your kids to the park and enjoy the playground as if YOU were a kid too! Kids love it when their parents join in on the FUN!

Take up a new sport or hobby such as tennis, basketball or swimming. Community centers and health clubs offer great options for beginners to get started in any sport, and you are never too old to learn something new.

Start a family tradition of going for a walk after dinner or on a Sunday morning to catch up on the week’s events and enjoy the outdoors.

Take small breaks throughout your workday to move your body. Whether you are in an office setting and can climb the stairs, or you work in the city and can take a stroll at lunch time to your favorite restaurant.

Any amount of activity through the day can and will be beneficial to your overall health. The more you do, the healthier you become. Making activity part of your daily routine will help you be more productive, less stressed and help keep your weight under control.

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