Program Includes Free Diabetes Risk Screenings and Tips for Healthy Living

SPARTA, Mich., November 1, 2006 — November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and Old Orchard Brands, one of the fastest-growing fruit juice brands in the country, today announced an in-store program with Spartan Stores to highlight the need for effective prevention, detection and treatment of diabetes.

The program features a free diabetes risk assessment performed by a registered nurse practitioner, as well as educational brochures offering tips for healthier living. In addition, all Family Fare Supermarkets, Glen’s Markets, and Pharm drug stores will feature Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance fruit juice—the healthy alternative to high-sugar fruit juices. The month-long effort will kick off Nov. 1st.

The Center for Disease Control has singled out obesity and obesity-related diabetes as the top health epidemics facing the country, and contributors to rising health care costs. One of the leading triggers of Type 2 diabetes is obesity. Similarly, one of the challenges facing individuals with Type 1 diabetes is the need to carefully balance food intake to regulate blood sugar levels.

“As a strategic partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JRDF), Old Orchard understands the scope of this disease and the positive impact education and healthy lifestyles can play in prevention and treatment,” said Mark Saur, founder and CEO of Old Orchard Brands. “We are proud to partner with Spartan Stores during National Diabetes Awareness Month to help educate consumers about healthy food choices.”

Old Orchard Brands Healthy Balance juice is a low-sugar, low-carbohydrate, low-calorie alternative to traditional fruit juice cocktails. It was developed for people with restricted diets, those looking to cut calories from their diet, and parents looking to reduce their children’s sugar intake. Each Healthy Balance fruit juice cocktail contains 75% less sugar, carbohydrates and calories compared to other juice products of the same variety. Four of the best-selling varieties are available at all Spartan Stores & Pharm Drug stores.

“Spartan Stores is dedicated to improving the health of our community, and to providing educational services on nutrition that advocate an active and healthy lifestyle,” said Jeanne Norcross, vice president of corporate affairs for Spartan Stores. “Spartan Stores welcomes the Old Orchard Healthy Balance brand into our pharmacies with a fully integrated, community-based program that will help bring greater awareness to this disease.”

As a corporate sponsor of the JDRF, Old Orchard Brands will contribute more than $650,000 during the next four years to help find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. In addition, Old Orchard will donate a portion of Healthy Balance brand juice sales towards funding a cure.

A full list of times and locations for the diabetes risk assessments can be found at and at

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