What are some easy lunch snacks I can add so that my kids will actually get something nutritional that they will eat, not throw away?

It is great that you are taking an active interest in getting your kids the right kind of nutrition! Too many kids snack on candy bars, cookies, and potato chips throughout the day, which aren’t good “brain” foods to help them concentrate and study hard during the day. Healthy snacks filled with vitamins and minerals are perfect for your kids. They will help give them energy and help them stay fuller longer, which may reduce risk of kids becoming overweight. I realize that kids are picky eaters so I would first get them involved in the lunch packing routine. Sit down with them and briefly explain why various foods will help them in school and athletics and see what they would be willing to try/eat. You could suggest that instead of fried potato chips they try baked sweet potato chips. The flavor is actually quite delicious and you would be saving a lot of fat and calories by baking them. A fun and popular snack for them may be fruit kabobs! Take a skewer and spear their favorite fruit (grapes, pineapples, strawberries etc). Or just pack the skewers and fruit and let them be in charge at school. It is a fun and healthy snack. Everyone has heard of “ants on a log” but what about “cranberries on a raft”? Your kids could like this celery based snack because it is topped not with peanut butter but other types of “nut butters” (almond, macadamia) and then dried cranberries. You could get creative and take a brown paper bag and decorate it with phrases/scenes from their favorite movie. Fill it with air popped popcorn and let them know that you will be looking forward to a movie date with them soon. I was thinking back to what I used to eat at school and I realized that I ate cheese curls for lunch just about every day. I laughed because now instead of cheese curls I pack a cheddar cheese dusted rice cake. They really taste similar to my old beloved cheese curls! And for added protein I pack these along with a side boat of hummus in my lunch each day. I feel like it takes me back to my school lunch days!

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