I've heard kids shouldn't drink juice because of the sugar content...what do you think?

I rarely tell people that they should absolutely avoid certain foods/beverages (unless, of course, they are allergic). Even sweets, high fat and fried foods can be consumed safely, but I then stress they be taken in only on occasion and in moderation. Juice is something that can be consumed as part of a daily diet….even for kids. However, I remind people that you should be choosing 100% fruit juice to get maximum vitamins and minerals. Parents can certainly give their children 100% fruit juice, but I would suggest that they keep in mind that juice still contains calories and sugar (although natural sugar). And, it sometimes occurs that children exceed their calorie needs by taking in too many liquid calories. So, if your child has a balanced diet and wants to consume a glass or two of 100% fruit juice, I think that is fine! But, if your child is inactive or gaining too much weight, I would recommend that you monitor how much juice he or she is taking in and balance this with the rest of the overall daily food/beverage intake. You may wish to dilute the juice with water to cut calorie and sugar intake. Or choose a juice that is automatically lower in calories and sugar, like Healthy Balance or Cranberry Naturals Juice. Other healthy beverages include low fat milk and water. In addition, make sure the rest of your child’s diet is high in fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For very young children, it is not encouraged that one put juice in a bottle, as this can promote dental caries.

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