My kids love juice but I sometimes worry that I am not giving them enough water or milk. What is the right balance of each?

A diet that is too high in milk could mean that your child is not getting adequate servings of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Kids should have about 2-3 servings of milk (or equivalent) per day. This could mean an 8 oz glass of milk, 8 oz of yogurt, or 1 ½ oz of cheese. Make sure that you are not going over these recommendations by monitoring their intake and speaking with them about what they consume while at school. Adequate fluid intake is also very important, so encourage your kids to take in plenty of water per day. Juice is another healthy type of fluid, and I encourage that kids consume 100% fruit juice. If you are concerned that your kids may be consuming too many calories and/or if your pediatrician is concerned with their weight, be sure to mainly encourage water intake. Low sugar juices (Healthy Balance and Cranberry Naturals) are also great choices for fluids, as they are low in calories (29 calories and 70 calories per serving respectively) but still rich with flavor. Your kids will love the variety!

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