Can cupcakes be healthy?

You can make just about anything “unhealthy” into a healthier version these days! If you have some time, there are thousands of cookbooks that are supported by various reputable health establishments (The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, etc.). I would look into checking out a few of these books from the library and checking out their dessert section. Or you can certainly look online…but just make sure you find a reputable site. The good sites will list the nutrition facts for their recipes so you can compare calories, fat and sugar amongst the possible recipes you may select. I found so many interesting kinds online…I can’t wait to try a few myself.

First up? Pumpkin cupcakes! The recipe calls for very healthy ingredients like canned unsweetened pumpkin, almond milk, egg whites, honey, whole wheat flour and various fresh spices. This recipe could be made traditionally (with sugar, white flour, butter, whole eggs, whole milk) but it would likely contain many more calories, sugar, and fat. I found another recipe for carrot cake-cupcakes. This one uses unsweetened applesauce in place of a lot of oil and it contains 2 cups of grated carrots along with fresh crushed pineapple! The raspberry swirl cupcakes made with whole wheat flour, raspberry puree, non-fat buttermilk and low fat cream cheese sound fantastic. When you are looking around for healthy cupcake recipes make sure you examine the ingredients closely. Choose recipes that include fresh fruit, soy or almond milk, whole wheat flour and egg whites. Finally, remember that cupcakes are meant to be savored and thoroughly enjoyed. If you try a few healthy cupcake recipes and you or your kids don’t love the taste…go back to the recipes that you love… but make sure you only have one and enjoy each and every bite!

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