How many calories should a woman over 40 be consuming in a day and what's the best type of juice to go along with that diet?

That answer varies. Metabolisms vary between men and women and age definitely plays a factor. In addition, how tall someone is, their body type, and the amount of physical activity that they get per day all factor into how many calories one would need. Also, one that is trying to lose or gain weight would need different amounts of calories. A great place to go to find your specific calorie goals is the Nutritional Needs Calculator on the Old Orchard website. This will give you an opportunity to plug in your individual information and come up with an approximate calorie goal.

Once you determine this, it could be helpful to become familiar with the Calorie Burner Counter icon on the website. Knowing how many calories you are burning while doing various activities can help you to plan calorie intake accordingly. In addition, start reading labels and become familiar with portion sizes and the caloric content of various foods. For example, one that checks the label on low fat ice cream may see that a serving consists of only 120 calories, which does not sound like much! But, if you will note, the serving size is a ½ cup, which is not very much. Most people scooping the low fat ice cream into their bowl will likely get two or three servings, which can add up to almost 400 calories!

Juice is a very healthy way to get fluid, vitamins and minerals throughout the day. But, I warn people to really watch what type of liquid calories they are taking in each day. People sipping on regular 100% fruit juice all day may consume many more calories than their body needs, leading to unwanted weight gain. Low sugar juices are a good alternative. One can still obtain necessary vitamins and fluid without all of the added sugar and calories. The Healthy Balance juices (sweetened with Splenda) are my favorite! I can drink an 8 oz serving for a mere 26 calories! There are a variety of great flavors as well (cranberry, apple cranberry, grape, pomegranate blueberry acai, etc). The Cranberry Naturals are another line available through Old Orchard. They are sweetened with the new all natural sweetener called Truvia. They provide around 70 calories per serving, but still have all the great natural flavor of regular juice.

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