I'm unable to do much exercising due to MS but want to lose a few pounds. Is it possible to lose weight by eating better only?

I generally advise those looking to lose weight to try to combine some physical activity with a healthy diet, but it is absolutely possible to lose weight by a healthy diet alone. I would first advise you to go to our Nutritional Needs Calculator. There you can plug in your information and get an idea of how many calories you should be consuming a day for weight loss. Then I would advise you to jot down everything you are eating and drinking (and portion sizes) throughout the day (diet recall). Begin checking food labels to determine about how many calories you are taking in each day. For weight loss, try to reduce this number by around 500 calories each day. This should result in about a pound of fat loss per week. If you find that there are certain areas of your diet that you consider “problem” areas, tackle those first. For example, if you come home each day from work and are so hungry that you immediately head to the pantry to eat, try adding a healthy snack a few hours before heading home. A piece of fresh fruit, a handful of almonds or a cup of yogurt can be good choices. This may prevent you from taking in many unneeded calories before dinner. If you find yourself going back for seconds and thirds at dinner, use a smaller plate and slow the pace of your consumption. Eating more slowly allows you to savor food more and may leave you feeling more satisfied, which can prevent you from taking in excess calories from second portions. Do you eat out at lunch each day? Going out for lunch can add numerous calories to your diet. Remember, restaurants do not want to let you leave hungry. They generally give you a larger portion than you were expecting and many people will automatically eat everything that is in front of them, leading to weight gain. Completing a diet recall can also let you see where “sneaky” excess calories may be coming into your diet. The handful of M & M’s that you grab from a co-worker’s desk, plus the tiny piece of birthday cake, plus remaining food off of your child’s plate while cleaning up can all add calories into your diet.

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