I have a question: I have Lupus and kidney failure; what kind of juice is good for filtering through my kidneys?

For those that do not know, Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can damage any part of the body. In this disease, something goes wrong with your body’s immune system where it cannot tell the difference between foreign invaders or your own healthy tissues. Because of this your body will make antibodies that will attack your healthy tissue resulting in pain, inflammation and possible damage to other parts of your body. Kidney damage from lupus can be mild to severe. It was quoted that ~90% of people with lupus will have some damage to their kidneys but only 3-4% will have to have treatment (dialysis). Not knowing the extent of your kidney damage, it is somewhat difficult to answer your question. If your kidneys are only mildly damaged, you should be able to consume any juice safely. However, if the damage to your kidneys is more severe you may need to watch what juice you choose. If your kidneys are not functioning properly, you may have high potassium levels and may need to limit high potassium foods and beverages. I would limit/avoid drinking orange juice, prune juice, and vegetable juice. You could have cranberry juice, apple juice, and grape juice, however. You will want to limit overall salt intake also, so limit boxed rice/noodles, canned soup, fast food, soy sauce, and popular snack foods like potato chips. You will want to limit alcohol intake as well and if you take corticosteroids for your lupus you will want to limit intake of concentrated sweets (soda, ice cream, cookies, candy, cake, punch) and be sure to check with your healthcare team to see if they want you to take a calcium supplement to prevent any osteoporosis.

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