Is it true that weight loss can reverse Type 2 diabetes?

I consulted with a certified diabetes educator / dietitian on this one. Diabetes mellitus (DM) does not go away and it is a progressive disease. If a person has pre-diabetes (fasting blood sugar or FBS 100-125) then diet/weight loss/exercise definitely can postpone the onset of diabetes by many years.

If a person has Type 2 DM, then chances are they have had a long history of background issues that can’t be picked up by ordinarily done labs (i.e. elevated insulin levels compensating for the liver randomly pumping out extra glucose). The fasting blood sugar may look “fine” but levels are not like within desired limits and the pancreas is getting worn out. By the time diabetes shows up in the fasting blood sugar then it’s almost too late to do anything (the people to suspect this is happening in are people with family history of DM, people with HTN and dyslipidemia, a lot of body fat in the mid-section, etc.)

Bottom line? Weight loss is certainly important in helping one with diabetes reduce medications that they need to take. Weight loss can be an excellent way to reduce incidence of heart disease and cancer. Following a healthy diet/losing weight can improve organ function, improve the immune system, increase energy levels etc. Weight loss can help extend life expectancy.

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