I have a 1-year-old who has a hard time with going to the bathroom sometimes and hates prune juice. What other juice options do I have to help him? Thanks!

Constipation can be a problem for both adults and kids. When a child is constipated, his appetite may be decreased and he may feel bloated and uncomfortable. It is good that you are looking into natural ways to help get his bowels going. Juice can be a great option. Prune juice works for many of my patients and some of them claim warming it slightly works even better. But, if your child does not like prune juice I would explore other juices. Old Orchard’s 100% juices can add fluid to your child’s diet and the content of the juice may be just what is needed to help your child have a bowel movement. Some parents tell me that apple juice helps their child go, and others say that grape or cranberry juice does the trick. I would experiment until you find what works for your kid. Other causes of constipation in kids are: inactivity, inadequate fluid intake, and a poor diet. If a child’s diet is high in processed sugar, fat, salt and low in fiber, fruits, and vegetables, he may be more prone to constipation. So, in addition to trying Old Orchard’s 100% fruit juice, make sure that your child’s diet is filled with nutritious foods and liquids that will help promote a healthy digestive system!

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