What are some healthy breakfast foods that are quick and will fuel me up until lunch?

I consider breakfast to be such an important meal. In my personal experience, patients that consistently eat breakfast tend to have more energy throughout the day and are less nauseated from cancer treatment than those that skip breakfast. In addition, a study published in the American Heart Association’s Circulation (2013) found that people that skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary heart disease. So, it is great that you are taking an active interest in eating first thing in the morning!

A healthy breakfast filled with complex carbohydrates and protein can kick start one’s metabolism, improve cognitive function, and set the pace for the rest of the day’s food intake. Smoothies can be an excellent way to start him off on the right nutrition track. Start with fresh or frozen berries or peaches and combine them in the blender with Greek yogurt and Healthy Balance Juice. You will get a lot of protein from the yogurt and many vitamins and minerals from the fruit. The Healthy Balance juice is a nice addition also because it not only tastes great, but also is low in sugar and calories. Another quick and easy breakfast idea would be whole wheat toast with nut butter (almond, peanut). It is filled with fiber and healthy fat. You could also utilize leftovers for a healthy breakfast! A blueberry quinoa parfait is not only easy to make, but very high in protein and fiber. Take leftover (plain) quinoa and place a scoop into a parfait dish. Then layer the high protein quinoa with vanilla yogurt, blueberries and walnuts. You could always go with an old breakfast standby…cold cereal! When at the grocery store, try to choose a brand of cereal with at least ~5 grams of dietary fiber per serving. When I know I am going to have a busy morning, I will portion out my one serving of cereal in a paper bowl the night before and I pack this and a cup of milk in my lunch sack so it is ready to go when I am in the morning. You could keep bananas or fresh fruit at your work site also. In the event that you cannot pack or eat breakfast in the morning, at least you will have a high fiber snack when you get to work.

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