What's the best juice to drink while trying to lose weight?

All juice can healthfully fit into a diet designed to help you lose weight. However, I find that many people consume far too many liquid calories. Taking in more calories than you can burn in one day can lead to consistent weight gain, so I tell my patients to make healthy choices when it comes to the beverages they choose. If you want to include fruit juice as part of your healthy diet, I say “go for it!” But, be sure to select one that contains 100% juice. Old Orchard has a great line of 100% fruit juice. The juices taste wonderful, contain lots of vitamins and minerals, and do not contain any added colors, flavors, or preservatives. Keep in mind that this juice does contain around 130 calories per 8 oz. serving. So be sure to include those calories into your calorie goal for the day. And I would limit your intake of juice to a few servings a day and focus on getting the rest of your calories from whole foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean “protein”, and low fat dairy products.

If you are really counting calories closely and would rather not drink your calories, I suggest a reduced sugar/calorie beverage. Water is an excellent choice but if you are not a water drinker, you could choose a reduced calorie flavor packet and add it to water. Or you could select a juice that is low in calories. Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance juice is a great example of this. It contains ~75% less sugar than traditional juice and only around 29 calories per serving, which will really help you hydrate while watching your waistline. I love the flavor options and I drink this juice daily as part of my well rounded diet. If you try to avoid artificial sweeteners, Old Orchard’s Cranberry Naturals is an excellent option for you. It is reduced calorie, sweetened with the all-natural sweetener Truvia, and is free from preservatives and artificial flavorings. Best of luck on your weight loss journey!

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