I am getting fat day by day. I am 5'-6" tall and weigh 170 lbs. Do i need a diet plan?

Weight gain can occur for a variety of reasons. Our metabolism slows as we get older. This means that we burn fewer calories at rest, which can often lead to weight gain. People often gain weight during stressful times in their lives or if their physical activity levels have decreased. If you find yourself gaining weight, I would first try to pinpoint possible reasons why. Do you feel like you are eating larger portions/snacking more? Have you stopped exercising or are you moving less? Have you been going through a stressful time in your life? Pinpointing possible reasons for weight gain is a good start to making healthy diet changes.

A healthy diet plan is very important to getting to a healthy weight. You have provided me your height and weight, so I went ahead and determined your body mass index (BMI). Your number is ~27, which is considered “overweight”. I would recommend you try to get at or below a BMI of 25, which means you should try to lose around 15 pounds. In order to do this, you may want to first start by determining how many calories you should be consuming each day to lead to this healthy weight loss. Suggested calorie levels vary a lot based on someone’s gender, age, height/weight, goals (weight loss vs. gain), and activity levels. A man that is 6’5” will likely burn many more calories than a small framed girl. I would first recommend that you use the “Nutritional Needs” calculator on the Old Orchard website. From here you can enter your information and find out approximately how many calories each should be consuming per day.

Now comes the time to start making changes in your daily eating habits. Planning is the key. To better familiarize yourself with how many calories are in various foods, begin checking the label of different products to become familiar with how many calories are in each serving. Then it will be up to you to stay within your suggested calorie range. If your desire is to lose weight, you will need to factor in some calories burned from physical activity (there is also a “Calorie Burner Counter” calculator on the website as well!) Keep in mind that you will lose a pound a week if you can subtract ~3500 calories from your diet. This can be a combined approach using calories burned from physical activity and a reduction of calories consumed.

A healthy diet is one that includes a variety of foods. I would put a big emphasis on getting plenty of fruits and vegetables in every day. They contain disease fighting antioxidants and fiber which can really help you to feel full and take in fewer calories than you normally would. Focus on getting plenty of lean protein like low fat dairy products, egg whites, beans, and lean meats. Limit the amount of sugary beverages, sugary desserts and foods that are high in saturated fat (butter, whole milk, red meat). If you are unsure how to incorporate some of these foods into your diet, you could buy or check out a few healthy cookbooks from the library. Experiment with different healthy dishes and soon you will begin to feel better and see the weight loss results!

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