I was recently told that if you only eat foods which share the colors of the rainbow that you would automatically be eating a correct diet. I was wondering if this was true and where would meat fit into the rainbow? Thank You.

Let me begin by saying, I try to encourage my patients to move towards a plant based diet. Many people consume far too much red meat and processed meats than would be recommended. But, I generally don’t tell people that they should not eat meat. I am a big advocate of achieving a “balanced” diet. A balanced diet should include a variety of nutrients such as protein, healthy fat, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. For some, a balanced diet may include some meat along with colorful fruits and vegetables. For others, they can get a balanced diet without consuming meat. So, to answer your question, you should try to get as many colors in your diet as possible, but that can certainly still include meat. “Savor the Spectrum” is a phrase that I use often in my line of work. Colorful foods (particularly fruits and vegetables) are filled with vitamins, minerals, and disease fighting phytochemicals. When you look around the produce section at the supermarket, your eyes will see a wide variety of colors.

Eating a wide variety of colors (and a nice variety of different foods) can help you get all the nutrients that you need to keep your immune system up, to optimize your metabolism, to help reduce disease incidence and to keep you feeling as good as possible.

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