I am a university student and I was wondering what is a good healthy snack that I can eat in the dorm? If possible it would be nice if it didn't cost too much.

College is hard work! You absolutely need to be on top of your game, and certainly taking in an adequate diet can help keep your energy levels up and keep your brain functioning properly. College cafeterias have come a long way in regards to providing a good variety of healthy foods (and, okay, some not-so-healthy food options too). But it is a great idea to keep healthy snacks in your dorm room to eat between classes and to snack on while studying late into the night.

Healthy snacks should contain ~2-3 food groups. There are so many affordable yet nutritious snack options. I am a huge fan of peanut butter! It pairs well with whole grain bagels, whole wheat crackers, and tops celery nicely! Dried fruit and nuts can be a handy snack to nibble on in class. If you have a refrigerator in your room, keep containers of yogurt or Greek yogurt handy. You can mix fresh or frozen fruit with this for a snack filled with protein and vitamins/minerals. One of my favorite college snacks (and snacks now) is hummus and whole wheat pretzel rods. It is just the perfect blend of creamy and crunchy. You can mix and match food groups by snacking on string cheese and apple slices, whole grain cereal/milk topped with a banana, high fiber/protein bars, or whole grain crackers and vegetable juice. Just make sure there is a little protein and fiber in your snack. And watch your portion sizes. Healthy snacks can be an important way to keep your energy levels up, but overconsumption of snacks may lead to weight gain, which can predispose one to increased risk of several diseases. Good luck at school!

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