What are the best foods to eat after a workout?

Great question! Your body uses its stored nutrients to get you through your workout. The role of the post workout meal is to replenish what was lost. You are going to want to get a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein in after a workout…and I recommended you do it approximately 15-20 minutes after you work out. Studies have shown that refueling quickly after exercise is more helpful than waiting to eat in order to help your muscles repair themselves.

So now onto your original question: What foods should one choose to help the body recover? One of my personal favorite post workout meals is actually a smoothie! I mix low fat chocolate milk in the blender with low fat plain yogurt and a banana. You get carbohydrates from the milk and the fruit and the milk and yogurt are great sources of protein. Another personal go-to post exercise meal is a turkey sandwich. I take lean turkey breast and place it on top of whole grain bread. For flavor, I use spicy mustard and 2% cheese. If you have errands to run after you exercise and need a “fast” snack, take high protein Greek yogurt and toss in a handful of mixed berries and low fat granola! That is a very balanced snack filled with complex carbohydrates and protein. Another quick workout meal could be leftovers! Yesterday’s chicken veggie stir fry can be reheated quickly and then just whip up a serving of brown rice for an instant meal!

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