Do you like your job as a dietitian?

I love my job! I became a registered dietitian (RD) ~15 years ago…and I could not have picked a better profession for me! There are so many different aspects that I like. My job at the cancer center allows me to directly offer diet education to patients and their families as they undergo cancer treatment. I get to spend one-on-one time with them and really enjoy getting to know them, helping answer their questions, and connecting them with resources that will help improve their overall nutrition. I really enjoy the “detective” work that I get to do also. When patients complain of various symptoms and side effects, I need to determine if their diet could be contributing towards those side effects. I do extensive food recalls to really investigate exactly what someone is eating. My cancer center job allows me to occasionally provide local education to the general public as well as offer staff education on various aspects of nutrition and cancer. I am able to stay current on the latest nutrition and cancer research and pass my findings along to my patients.

My consulting work with Old Orchard is absolutely fantastic as well. Old Orchard is such a great company and they are always striving to produce the best product possible. They really appreciate constructive feedback and want their products to satisfy their customers but also help to keep them healthy. An especially favorite part for me is the wide variety of questions that I get to answer off of the “Ask Amy” page on their website. I work with cancer all day so it is wonderful to be able to speak to parents about what foods are healthiest for their kids and to encourage people to choose healthier beverage options to help improve blood sugar levels (Old Orchard’s Healthy Balance Juice!) The questions show me that so many of you have an interest in improving your diet and lifestyle…which is so inspiring for me!

Those are my main roles as a dietitian. But I have to let you know that dietitians can work in a wide variety of areas. Registered Dietitians can provide expertise related to label reading, grocery shopping and saving money at the supermarket, preparing meals and snacks for on the go, cooking tips and more. RDs can work with eating disordered clients, with athletes to meet their sport nutrition needs, and with kids that struggle with various conditions such as cancer and epilepsy. Dietitians work in hospitals and long term care settings with clients as part of the multidisciplinary health care team to help treat and manage disease with specific nutrition care plans. RDs can also work in schools, prisons, and local community outreach centers to help provide the best nutrition education possible.

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